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Written by Duncan Sarkies Directed by Greg Eccleston

Venue: TAP Gallery, Level 1, 278 Palmer Street, Darlinghurst

Season: 10-27 November 2004. Wednesday to Saturday @ 8:00 p.m.

Tickets: $20 + booking fee
Note that transaction fees may apply

Note that the 2004 season of Lovepuke has now closed. Click here for the latest news from Casting Couch Productions.

masks CAST masks

GLEN post-shag GLEN.............John Marsh John Marsh
John was last seen on stage in the lead role of William in the highly successful comedy "Unsolicited Male" by Tony Laumberg @ The Edge Theatre in Newtown. Before that John performed in “A Pint of Pinter” by Harold Pinter @ The Stables Theatre in Kings Cross.
Film & television performances include a number of appearances on “All Saints”, numerous short films including “Be4ore Love”, a highly acclaimed short film written & directed by Michael Power & “Stuffed Bunny” a well traveled & well received short film written & directed by Matt Bird.
John was cast in the feature film “The Rage in Placid Lake”, written & Directed by Tony McNamara & the very successful indie feature film “Blue Neon”, written & Directed by Matt Bird.

HERMIONE post-shag HERMIONE.........Liz Hanich Liz Hanich
Realising she was genetically challenged in her childhood ambition of becoming a tiger, Liz has taken an alternative life path of performing; specifically dancing, theatre and film work. She has found her home most recently in Flamenco dance having studied in Spain and worked professionally as a dancer, choreographer and artistic director (of the WA dance/drama production 'Esperanza').
Liz returns to the theatre for the first time in Sydney after working in West Australian theatre and film, and also vows not to leave this Earth before working extensively with Baz Luhrmann amongst a long list of many other talented artists (can you help?). The remaining hours of Liz's day are consumed with the comparatively insignificant goals of self-realisation, self-actualisation, spiritual enlightenment and posing provocatively for “Lovepuke” fliers.

IVAN post-shag IVAN..............Matt Todd Matt Todd
(Matt Todd - Actor) is also a Sydney based Writer and Musician. He has over fifteen years experience in performing, singing in original rock bands, acting/writing in independent film and appearing on commercial television.
Lovepuke” marks his debut for live theatre in Sydney. He has worked on several redline films projects and suggests that you check when you get a spare moment.

JANICE post-shag JANICE............Renee Lim Renee Lim
Renee has been acting, singing and dancing since the age of four, the most notable performance in those early years being Bananarama's Love in the First Degree re-enacted in her living room for an audience of five.
Since then she has been improving in leaps and bounds, performing in multiple musicals, plays, comedy revues, dance performances, singing gigs, short films, and TV.
On the side, she plays around with being a dance teacher, songwriter, events manager, clothes designer and doctor. She's still not sure if she's getting any of these things right, but at least she's not bored... often.
Renee hopes that one day she will be able to look back on her relationships and think of them as a series of cards, because then they won't mean so much to her.

KEVIN post-shag KEVIN..........Ben Maclaine Ben Maclaine
Ben remembers the first time he saw an ant. He fondly recalls, "I was standing on a footpath, it was about 11 o'clock in the morning, & I saw an ant." My, how things have come along since those heady days.
More recently his 1-2 minute steeping & infusing skills have stepped to the fore & taken him to a new level of tea making, he oft calls himself Steep Master, but this isn't his only forte.
Once he dreamt that he stayed awake for 36 hours, only when he awoke did he realise it was a dream & that he hadn't been awake for 36 hours, but had been asleep for about 8 hours.
Even so, his goal of developing a matchstick that can be ignited on llama wool, specifically for Peruvian shepherds, has led to considerable thought & pondering about how it could be done.
A popcorn maker, an avid corn cob reader, an admirer of blue gravel stones & black lattice fences, Ben always has his arm up his sleeve when he's wearing a shirt with sleeves.
Acting: June Reilly Management 02 9362 4604 Voice: EM Voices 02 9331 5955

LOUISE post-shag LOUISE..........Kaitlyn Cox Kaitlyn Cox
Kaitlyn is a graduate of "The Journey" @ Actors Centre Australia.
Since completing her training in 2001, she has been in four theatre productions, including "Wild Honey" as Anna Petrovna & "The Lover" as Sarah. Her Television credits include guest roles on "Always Greener" & "Fireflies".
She also played the supporting role of Detective Katherine Forster in the feature film, "Sum of Existence".

MARISSA post-shag MARISSA.......Stella Rankin Stella Rankin
Stella is a 2002 graduate of Theatre Nepean. Her theatre credits include Titus Andronicus, The Dogs Breakfast, The Possibilities, Fear & Misery of the Third Reich, Blood & Water, A little Like Drowning & All My Love Paul.
Stella played Stacey, Macey ,Tracey & Casey in a 2003 AquaCows film, Delirium Tremans of Repition. Stella was also a member of ABC's Children Group The Bunyips in which she toured with in 1999. Early next year Stella is playing the lead in a David Sparkes Sci-fi feature film.

NATHAN post-shag NATHAN.......Henry Hereford Henry Hereford
Henry completed a degree in Politics before training @ The Drama Studio in London.
His training included Theatre from Shakespeare through Restoration, 19th Century to modern day & TV, Commercials, Radio & Film acting.
Since leaving drama school, Henry's credits include: Theatre Quack The Country Wife The Young Vic Studio; Ben in Remember @ the Jermyn Street Theatre
Shakespeare @ Grange Court Studio includes; Comedy of Errors & Richard 3rd
Television: Paul in Channel 4 series Crims & Tim in Dogma’s Blaggers also Channel 4
Film in Sydney: Paul in Pot Plant & Jono in the Interview. In London: Johnny Smith in Bad Parenting & David Jacobs in Frail
Commercials include Alex in Vinnie Jones’ Blue Brothers Album
Henry will not leave Australia until he has been in Home & Away……could be here a while!

masks CREW masks

Director..........Greg...Greg Eccleston
Greg is an actor, director & producer, as well as a playwright & full-time lion tamer. His acting roles include MAN IN ALLEYWAY in “Lantana” (AFI nominated for ‘Best scene left on the cutting room floor’), JURY FOREMAN in “White Collar Blue”, an amputee in “All Saints” & a guy picking his nose in a magazine ad.
Greg is proud of his work as a Russian bad guy in the upcoming feature film “Katusha” & as Henry Lawson in “My Henry Lawson”, among others. Actually, he is also rather proud that he can no longer list all of his performing achievements in a brief bio.
As Casting Couch Productions Artistic Director, Greg strongly believes in providing opportunities for actors & playwrights. He demonstrated this in 2003 by providing himself with the opportunity to act in a play that he wrote himself; “Catharsis”. He is threatening to do the same again with his next script “Girlfriend #33 Stole My Mojo”.
Lovepuke” is the third play that Greg has directed (it was also the first). He is passionate about producing independent theatre because: “it’s a good way to meet chicks”.

Assistant Producer / Costume Designer / Stage Manager.....Eliza...Eliza Maunsell
Eliza went to see Gilbert and Sullivan when she was seven and has been addicted to the glamour of backstage ever since.
After graduating from Sydney University, studying music and performance, Eliza was Assistant Stage Manager for the Newtown Theatre 2003 season of Short and Sweet. Eliza joined Casting Couch Productions in 2003 as Stage Manager for “Catharsis”, followed by the B Sharp / Belvoir Street Theatre seasons of Love That Dog and Empress of China, and 24RRR's Howard The Arselicker @ Seymour Centre.
Eliza returns to Casting Couch Productions by invitation to defend the title of 'World's Best Stage Manager'. She combines this with a paying gig at a magazine and is looking forward to a nice long rest. Eliza hopes that you enjoy “Lovepuke”.

Production Manager / Lighting Engineer...Jason...Jason Dean
Jason has been working in the Sydney theatre scene since arriving in 1997. His work as an actor includes one of the most successful TIE shows by an independent theatre company in Sydney in recent times - “My Nguyen Throws A Party” (Surf 'n' Theatre Company, 1997 - 1999). In 2000, Jason founded FreeWill Productions.
FWP has produced two shows - “In Bed With Jack and Terri” (Scruffy Murphy's, 2000) and “From Beer To Eternity” (Bourbon and Beefsteak Bar, 2001); each written, directed and produced by Jason. “Uni-Sex” will be FWP's third production when Jason can find time from his real job to finish writing it. As well as writing and directing, Jason has taught himself Lighting Design and as well as operating many shows (including all but one of Casting Couch Productions' shows), he also designed the lights for “The Lover”, @ TAP in late 2002 and “Love Is A Four Letter Word”, @ TAP in early 2003.

Assistant Costume Designer.....Estelle...Estelle Horne
Estelle has been writing and performing since the age of 5 to the possible distress of family and local neighbours. Realising that her talents were better utilised backstage, Estelle graduated from UNSW COFA, studying fashion and textile design. Whilst working in the rag trade, “Lovepuke” is Estelle’s first production.

Lovepuke 2004 Cast

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