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"A modern tale: about loss, grief and love as redemption…"

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BRADLEY...........Greg...Greg Eccleston
Greg Eccleston’s alleyway work with Geoffrey Rush in the Feature Film “Lantana” (2001) earned him an AFI nomination for ‘Best scene left on the cutting room floor’… Keen-eyed television viewers will spot him in Guest Roles on both “White Collar Blue” (Channel 10) & “All Saints” (Channel 7), screening in July 2003.
In 2002, Greg performed in the eponymous role in “My Henry Lawson” (Peninsula Theatre Company) & the Brisbane season of “Friday Night Drinks” (Borderline Defamation Productions). He also appeared in “The Authorised Version” (2001, Factory Fringe Space Theatre) & in “In Bed with Jack & Terri” (2000, Freewill Productions). Prior to that; “The Next Big Thing” (1999) & “Frozen” (1998), both with Darlinghurst Theatre Company.
As Artistic Director of Casting Couch Productions, Greg directed our previous two shows “Lovepuke” by Duncan Sarkies (2001) and “IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER” by Paul Osuch (2002).
Catharsis has been a labour of love since 1994, and marks Greg’s début as playwright. Greg cast himself as Bradley, because he thinks his own jokes are funny. And because ‘it’s easier than directing’…

MIRANDA...........Emma...Emma Grant
Emma graduated from 'The Journey' @ Actors Centre Australia a few months ago, where her favourite roles included playing Nina in The Seagull, Betsheb in The Golden Age and Queen Elizabeth in Richard III. More recently, Emma performed in 'Short & Sweet' @ Newtown Theatre, and has also been involved in the workshops of a new Australian play, The Onion House.
Other credits include Sex, Sin: The City (Melbourne Fringe Festival), Lovelines (National Playwrights’ Centre/ACA co-production), Othello, The Man Most Likely To…, Away, Say Something Happened, and the sitcom pilot Too Close For Comfort. Emma is also currently studying for her Masters in Creativity Counselling and Therapeutic Theatre.

BARMAN / OWNER / MANAGER...Mark...Mark McCann
Mark trained @ the Ensemble Studios and has appeared in Unsolicited Male, The Great Divide, a national tour of Don't Dress for Dinner, The Well of the Saints, The Sex Fiend and A Mad World My Masters.
TV and film credits include Young Lions, Bad Cop Bad Cop, Grass Roots, All Saints, Water Rats, G.P., Home and Away, E Street, Rafferty's Rules, Fields of Fire III, A Country Practice, Shotgun Wedding, Bodily Harm, Crime Broker, The Night We Called it A Day and With Mother.

FELICITY..........Jane...Jane Phegan
Jane returns to TAP Gallery for this production, having played Paula in After Dinner in 2001. Whilst studying @ Actors Centre Australia in the Graduate Program, she performed in The Glass Menagerie and Redemption.
Jane has studied stage craft with Lynette Sheldon, from the Actors Studio, and movement with Felicity Jurd, from Busy Legs Productions. She has also appeared in a number of short films as well as performing at corporate events. Jane is currently studying @ Theatre Nepean. This is Jane's first Casting Couch Productions ("it's not what you know...") and it's all good!

DARREN / DONALD...Michael...Michael Teulon
Michael had a shaky start to his acting career spending the first ten years working in the finance industry, although, he did learn a lot about acting there. Eventually he opted for the more traditional acting environment. For the past five years he has been involved in dozens of live and recorded productions around Sydney (many of them through Uft Productions).
Although his acting career may still be a little wobbly, he is determined to hold on for the long ride.

masks CREW masks

Director..........Regina...Regina Botros
Earlier this year, Regina Botros was Festival Co-ordinator for ‘Short & Sweet’ @ Newtown Theatre. As well as directing, Regina has a strong choreographic background after receiving a scholarship to study in Montreal in 1999, during which time she not only choreographed and danced but played the lead in a feature film, involved herself in stage and radio plays, all of which she has continued to do on her return. She currently has a radio play program on 2SER FM 107.3 called Play it By Ear, Wednesday evenings at 8:30 p.m.

Assistant Director...Dana-Lee...Dana-Lee Mierkowsky
Dana-Lee Mierowsky's prime interest lies in directing, producing and writing. She has been involved in various amateur, university and professional shows in both Sydney and her home town Perth. She has started her own theatrical company called Dalem Productions which assists those wanting to become involved in theatre. Some of her original shows she has staged included Desperately Dateless and Strangers Among Us.
Dana-Lee is currently studying at UNSW arts education and working on various films / theatre productions including a new script she is writing called “Tales Of A Dork”, which is due to be staged mid September 2003.

Lighting Designer / Engineer...Jason...Jason Dean
Jason has been working in the Sydney theatre scene since arriving in 1997. His work as an actor includes one of the most successful TIE shows by an independent theatre company in Sydney in recent times - “My Nguyen Throws A Party” (Surf 'n' Theatre Company, 1997 - 1999). In 2000, Jason founded FreeWill Productions, which he plugs as one of two companies in Sydney dedicated to audience interactive theatre but really, it's just something he uses to get chicks.
FWP has produced two shows - “In Bed With Jack and Terri” (Scruffy Murphy's, 2000) and “From Beer To Eternity” (Bourbon and Beefsteak Bar, 2001); each written, directed and produced by Jason. “Uni-Sex” will be FWP's third production when Jason can find time from his real job to finish writing it. As well as writing and directing, Jason has taught himself Lighting Design and as well as operating many shows (including all but one of Casting Couch Productions' shows), he also designed the lights for “The Lover”, @ TAP in late 2002 and “Love Is A Four Letter Word”, @ TAP in early 2003.

Stage Manager.....Eliza...Eliza Maunsell
Eliza recently graduated from Sydney University with a BA in Performance Studies and English Literature, and a Diploma in book editing and publishing. Since graduating she has more time to play her guitar and sing in the shower, and less time to procrastinate.
Her favourite cocktail is anything 2-for-1 and her favourite play is anything after two cocktails, preferably in one act. She is secretly envious of anyone with the patience to write a two-act play and would like to do the same one day.

Dramaturg.........Adam...Adam Gelin
Adam likes to write and act and help other people write and act. “On Z Money” -- an evening of short plays produced by Brian Cobb @ TAP last April -- featured “The Life of the Party”, written and directed by Adam, and Tug Dumbly's “Shakespeare's Sellout” in which Adam played Shakespeare's wife.
His next project, already well under way, will be his wedding. "It's the most stressful production I've ever been involved in," says Adam.

Catharsis -- book

Pictured right: Greg Eccleston and Emma Grant as BRADLEY and MIRANDA in "Catharsis"


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