Casting Couch Productions presents

"A modern tale: about loss, grief and love as redemption…"

by Greg Eccleston

directed by Regina Botros

@ TAP Gallery. Level 1, 278 Palmer Street, Darlinghurst

June 4th to 21st, 2003. Wednesday to Saturday @ 8:00 p.m.

Tickets $18 + booking fee Book *now* @ Ticketek!

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CatharsisTHE PLAY

BRADLEY: (Beat) Do you believe in fate, Miranda?

MIRANDA: No, I don’t. But sometimes fate doesn’t give me the choice.

Miranda is not having a good weekend. She broke up with her fiancé on her birthday. Her friend was hit by a car and killed. Dealing with her losses, she finds herself at the scene of one of her favourite childhood memories. That is where she meets Bradley.
Bradley appears content. His footy team has just made the Grand Final. He is with his best mate and he has a cold beer. But his life is a constant struggle with the hidden losses of his past and the grief that he still carries.
“Catharsis” asks; Is it true that “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”? Seamlessly blending comedy and drama, it is at once thought-provoking and witty, profound and sombre, yet ultimately uplifting.
Greg Eccleston’s début play “Catharsis” is an engrossing and unique new Australian show.

Catharsis -- back

Pictured right: Greg Eccleston and Emma Grant as BRADLEY and MIRANDA in "Catharsis"


BRADLEY -- Greg Eccleston
MIRANDA -- Emma Grant
BARMAN -- Mark McCann
FELICITY -- Jane Phegan
DARREN -- Michael Teulon
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