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Last update for this page was on Tuesday, 9 May 2006 -- Sydney, AUSTRALIA

Greg EcclestonGreg Eccleston
Greg Eccleston ACTOR drama c.v.
"When news breaks, the theatre industry turns to Australia's biggest and best theatre website -"

Alliance OnlineAlliance Online
Media, Entertainment & Arts Alliance (a.k.a. Actors' Equity)

"SHOWCAST is the primary source for Australian and New Zealand actors"

"ScreenFaces provides actors and extras for some of Australia's largest film productions"

Darlinghurst TheatreDarlinghurst Theatre
A new live theatre venue has opened in central Sydney. The aim of the venue is to support independent, professional theatre companies and co-operatives by providing a well located, fully equipped, affordable venue for their work.

Actors Centre AustraliaActors Centre Australia
A centre dedicated to the developing actor and professional artist

The Imperial Hotel The Imperial Hotel
World-famous pub; featured in the film "The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert"

TAP Gallery TAP Gallery
Great venue in Sydney for independent theatre

Parnassus' DenParnassus' Den
Parnassus Den is committed to the encouragement and support of writers residing in Australia (Australian writers) by developing their work.
Interviews with top producers. Articles and Classes that focus on creating scripts that sell.


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